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All of the meetings take place on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month at the SAME TIME and at the SAME LOCATION. NOTE: No meetings in JAN, JUN or AUG.

TIME: 6pm to 7:45pm
LOCATION: City Library, Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WD (see map)

7th FEB 2012Overview of Intellectual Property (IP)
To start the year, Tony our co-chairman for the Manchester Inventors Group will give an overview of intellectual property and provide tips for protecting your ideas. He will cover all the main areas including Patents, Trade Marks, Design and Copyright. This is an informal presentation with lots of opportunity to ask any question you might have relating to IP.
6th MAR 2012Ruk-bug, the pushchair back-pack
Russell Clifton has developed a new kind of child's pushchair, a pushchair that can also be worn as a back pack. “First, I put my ideas down on paper, then I began making models out of lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners and an old t-shirt." The Ruk-bug got its first boost when Russell secured two innovation grants totalling £10,000 by the Northwest Regional Development Agency. He also secured a backer who provided a £100,000 package which will help pay for final tweaks to the design and marketing. Come along to hear his exciting story.
3rd APR 2012 To be confirmed - more information soon...

1st MAY 2012Michael Dandy, Branding & Selling
No idea, product or service can be sold without marketing, be that online, print media, digital, mobile or print media. The heart of all marketing is branding, Creative thinking is at the heart of our experience and forms the core value of Creative Cow projects across traditional and digital executions.
3rd JUL 2012Martin Henry - Manchester Business School
Business strategy and business models’ What they are, why they are relevant to inventors and innovators and investors.    
4th SEP 2012Leo Donato - RTC North
European Funding using FW7: why, how and help available for inventors and innovators and SME’s in general.
2nd OCT 2012Manchester Inventors AGM (3:45pm - 5:30pm)
Manchester Inventors relies on volunteers who donate their time to ensure the successful running of the group. If you have any spare time, even a couple of hours a month, and you would like to get involved with the running of the group then please come along to find out more.
2nd OCT 2012Stuart - TT Marketing
‘Making Your Invention Rock the World’-Marketing’- Why it’s needed, why it’s relevant. How to do it on budget.
6th NOV 2012Julian Bond - Intellectual Property
‘Legals, IP and patent protection for inventors’- what inventors and innovators must do to protect, and what are the pitfalls...
4th DEC 2012Mike Longford - Envestors Group
Venture capital funding and you: the secrets!